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Using Active Contract Management to Improve Program Outcomes

Jeffrey Liebman, a former Obama administration official who is now at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, has authored a paper that brings together some of the disparate strings of evidence-based policy and performance management. The paper, Using Data to … Continue reading

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Heritage Foundation Endorses Increased Use of Evidence in Budgeting for Trump Administration

The conservative Heritage Foundation, which has been playing a significant role in advising the transition team for the incoming Trump administration, has included a section on evidence-based policymaking in its recently released Blueprint for a New Administration. The Heritage document … Continue reading

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What Mid-Size Cities Can Teach Feds About Performance

Early lessons have begun to emerge from the three-year, $42 million effort launched last year by Bloomberg Philanthropies to help 100 mid-sized cities improve their performance through open data, performance management, evaluation, and results-driven contracting. Continue reading SIRC’s column at … Continue reading

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Could Federal Ratings Be Applied to Human Service Providers?

Could draft federal ratings for colleges and universities, released by the U.S. Department of Education on December 19, become a model for human service providers?  At first glance, the sheer difficulty of the task, combined with a lack of time … Continue reading

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Social Innovation News Feed

Need to stay up to date on social innovation developments but feel overwhelmed by information overload? Consider subscribing to SIRC’s curated Twitter feed. Our Twitter feed tracks major developments and new reports on all the topics covered by SIRC’s blog, … Continue reading

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SIF Releases Program Evaluation Guidance

The Social Innovation Fund (SIF) has released a new guide for program evaluation. The guide summarizes program theory, logic models, impact evaluation (and their related costs), evaluator qualifications, and human subject protection, among other topics. It also includes links to … Continue reading

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Obama Administration’s “Evidence and Innovation Agenda” Continues

The White House is directing federal agencies to provide details of both their accomplishments over the past year and plans for the coming year toward implementing the administration’s “Evidence and Innovation Agenda.” The requirements were included in a guidance memo … Continue reading

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