The Social Innovation Research Center (SIRC) is a nonpartisan nonprofit research organization devoted to increasing the impact of nonprofits and public agencies in the fields of health, human services, and education.

The Center’s work falls into three main categories: (1) reports and case studies on highly effective nonprofits and public agencies; (2) balanced public policy analysis; and (3) coverage of major social innovation-related news based on interviews with leading experts, government officials, and front-line practitioners.

The Center is an independent project incubated by America Forward, which is a nonpartisan policy initiative of the national venture philanthropy fund, New Profit.  The views expressed in the Center’s online blog, reports, and email newsletter do not necessarily reflect the views of America Forward or New Profit.

The Center is led by Patrick Lester, who serves as its director. He was previously a director at the Center for Effective Government, VP for Social Impact at Social Solutions,  VP for Public Policy at the Alliance for Children and Families, and Director of Public Policy at United Way of America (now United Way Worldwide).

Mr. Lester is also a Visiting Fellow for Evidence-based Decisionmaking with the IBM Center for the Business of Government and a member of the Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community.  He can be reached at 443-822-4791 or patrick(at)socialinnovationcenter.org.

The Center is grateful to the following organizations for their financial support:

•    IBM Center for the Business of Government
•    The Laura and John Arnold Foundation

The Center maintains independent editorial freedom and is solely responsible for the production and selection of all content. Coverage of particular organizations and their views in its online blog or email newsletter does not constitute endorsement by the Center or its funders.