Congress Directs States to Include Evidence Assurances in Education Plans

The 74 reported in a story earlier this week that language accompanying the bill that funded the Department of Education for the rest of this year is also encouraging states to take ESSA’s evidence provisions seriously.

According the language in the report accompanying the bill:

Consultation on State Plans.-As State Educational Agencies work to finalize their plans for distributing their section 1003 funds, and continue to give priority to supporting Local Educational Agencies as required under section 1003(f) of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), States must include assurances in their State plans as required under 1111(g)(2), including the assurance that the State educational agencies will ensure that local educational agencies, in developing and implementing programs under Title I, Part A, will, to the extent feasible, work in consultation with outside intermediary organizations (such as educational service agencies), or individuals, that have practical expertise in the development or use of evidence-based strategies and programs to improve teaching, learning, and schools.

Read the full story here.


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