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Pay for Success Legislation Becomes Law

Legislation that will create a new $100 million program to fund pay-for-success projects was included in a budget bill that Congress passed in the early hours of February 9. The legislation will provide competitive awards to states and local governments … Continue reading

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Evidence-based Child Welfare Legislation Enacted

Evidence-based child welfare prevention programs will receive funding under a new law that was included in a large funding bill that Congress passed in the early morning hours of February 9. The legislation, called the Family First Prevention Services Act, … Continue reading

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Home Visiting Extension Authorizes Pay-for-Outcomes Transactions

Legislation that would extend the federal home visiting program for another five years, which was included in a final budget bill that was passed by Congress earlier today, also includes provisions that would authorize the use of pay-for-outcomes transactions in … Continue reading

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Does Congress Need an Evidence Office?

Does Congress need an office to help it sort through the ever-growing body of research and analysis so that it can make its decisions more evidence-based?  That was one of the intriguing ideas quietly floated by the Bipartisan Policy Center … Continue reading

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Evidence Commission’s Bill Still Held Up In the Senate

A House hearing held yesterday on data issues — including recommendations of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking — highlighted tensions between data and privacy concerns that may be holding up legislation (HR 4174 and S 2046) that would implement some … Continue reading

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Policy Drivers: Putting the Politics Back in Implementation

Implementation of evidence-based programs and practices is a topic that has received increased attention recently — and rightly so as more laws, grants, and other policies are beginning to be adopted with evidence requirements. What does it take to implement … Continue reading

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Canary in a Coal Mine? SAMHSA’s Clearinghouse Signals Larger Threat to Evidence-based Policy

It started as a simple story. Once again the Trump administration had demonstrated its reputed disdain for facts and evidence. This time it had revoked the contract of one of the federal government’s top evidence clearinghouses — one that reviewed … Continue reading

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Addressing the Research “Replication Crisis”: Evidence-based Policy’s Hidden Vulnerability

One of the central tenets of evidence-based policy is that programs and policies that are deemed “evidence-based” should be replicable in other settings. This is not always easy — even interventions backed by solid evidence can be hard to replicate. … Continue reading

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Senator Murray, Leading Democratic Appropriator, Demands Answers from HHS on Evidence

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) sent a letter this week to the acting head of the Department of Health and Human Services demanding answers on its continued support for evidence-based policy. Murray is a strong evidence proponent and well placed to … Continue reading

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