Is State Performance-based Budgeting Making a Comeback?

According to a story from The Pew Charitable Trusts, performance-based budgeting is making a comeback in state government, but with mixed results so far.

According to the story:

[The National Association of State Budget Officers] concluded in its 2014 paper which incorporated the survey that “despite widespread interest and growing use of performance budgeting practices, the process of actually tying performance information to funding decisions in an effective, meaningful and practical manner continues to be a major challenge for all levels of government.”

According to one consultant:

“The concept has been around a long time, but there has been lot of struggling with it, it’s turned into a paperwork exercise and it became something the civil servants were dispirited by,” he said. “All the work they were going through that they were told they must do, wasn’t really affecting budget decisions.”


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